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Design Life: "Quite Luxury"

Quite luxury in interior design & home decor

Quite luxury,” also known as “stealth wealth,” is one of the latest trends in the fashion industry and is now making its way into the realm of interior design and home decor.

Quite luxury – Beyond a Style

Quite luxury can be summarized as ‘money talks, wealth whispers‘ – It replaces ostentatious displays with exquisite sophistication, avoiding flashy accents and extravagant brand logos.

Quite luxury places emphasis on sophistication and premium materials, making quality the defining factor of a space rather than a specific style or aesthetics.

It all revolves around investing in premium materials with lasting value, never being swayed by trendy fads. It’s luxury that remains understated.

Quite luxury in interior and home decor

Not every room needs a focal point. Not every space needs to be ‘current’ or ‘on-trend.’ In other words, understated luxury here means you can tell the story of your home without getting overly concerned about colors or adding a Hermès throw in every nook and cranny.

Quite luxury speaks before you do; it makes a silent statement, seen but not overexposed, encouraging you to look closer. Decor in your home should not only be beautiful and functional but also as personal as possible.

Less is more

To achieve an elegant and luxurious interior, it’s crucial to maintain simplicity and remember that less is more.

The goal is to avoid clutter and focus on showcasing high-quality, top-tier pieces

Be attentive to the decorative accents you introduce into your space, opting for clean, minimalistic lines instead of anything overly elaborate or intricate.

details is not nitpicking

You should utilize natural materials such as glass, ceramics, and wood for decoration to evoke a sense of elegance and cohesion within the space.

The allure of quite luxury lies in the details, where each object perfectly embodies its role without overshadowing the overall beauty of the room.

Quite luxury and Minimalism are not the same.

Quite in quite luxury is highly regarded for creating uniqueness, while Minimalism tends to emphasize simplicity and frugality.

Focusing on high-quality materials.

High-quality, timeless materials are the key to quiet luxury. Instead of opting for trendy, branded furnishings with flashy logos, choose items crafted from high-quality materials.

The beauty derived from product quality is timeless and adds a subtle depth to the distinctive character of your home, enduring for many years to come.

Similarly to quite luxury in fashion, the idea is to construct your space with fewer but higher-quality and versatile items.

Opt for muted colors and a neutral color palette.

Quite luxury is known for its preference for neutral color palettes and muted hues. Don’t worry, this isn’t a revival of white-on-white trend we’ve seen many times. Instead, warm neutral colors like soft white, deep brown, and beige are often combined with nature-inspired shades.

Muted and neutral colors create a serene and relaxed atmosphere, immediately evoking a sense of elegance without being flashy.

Instead of opting for bold color tones, focus on neutral shades like deep brown or beige, balancing them with lighter colors such as white and cream. Darker hues like sea green, olive green, brown, gray, and black are also excellent choices.

Lighting is the key

Good lighting can make any space feel more luxurious, and ample natural light is ideal for the quiet luxury trend when combined with a thoughtfully designed interior lighting system.

At the same time, ensure there are multiple sources of light, including overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

The final piece of the puzzle

When discussing Quite Luxury in interior and home decor, we often focus on furniture and how they are arranged, lighting and its placement, accessories, artwork, and where they are displayed, but we tend to overlook appliances and electronics. This small detail can leave perfectionist homeowners feeling unsatisfied.

Understanding this, COGITO is at the forefront of offering customers home appliances and electronics that embrace the concept of quite luxury, which we refer to as “design appliances.” We have three main collections: “Art on Wall,” “Art on Table,” and “Art of Light” to provide that final piece in the puzzle for the quite luxury style.

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All our products do not flaunt logos; quality and design are the essential elements to convey sophistication. COGITO products are distinctive but not overpowering, they complement exterior and interior designs, honoring the homeowner’s character.

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