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Design Life: "Quite Luxury"

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Crystal Oracle Touch Wall Switch

  • One-touch touch-sensitive switch with high sensitivity (responds in just 3 ms).
  • Design concept: “Don’t just be a wall switch, be a work of art in a museum.”
  • Minimalist, elegant, and luxurious design that complements interior decor without overshadowing it.
  • Made from high-quality pure tempered glass, crystal-clear like crystal.
  • Surface coated with an anti-fingerprint, anti-dust layer.
  • Fire-resistant PC (Polycarbonate) material.
  • Precision laser engraving for sharp detailing.
  • Display light with just the right brightness, avoiding glare.
  • Recipient of the Reddot Award Design in Germany.
  • Dimensions: 116*70*35 mm.
  • The switch can be remotely controlled via an app and voice commands when combined with a Zigbee hub.




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